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Hello everyone! It’s October at Lake Fork!! I’m excited because
this one of my personal favorite months to fish for numbers of big
trophy bass. Not only is the weather cooling off and very comfortable
but the fish are biting well as they move into their fall feeding patterns.
Couple those conditions with the decreased fishing pressure due to
hunting season beginning and its game on! Whether you are coming
out for some fun fishing, family time on the water, or getting ready for
the ever popular Berkley Big Bass Tournament, here are some tips and
techniques that will help your time on the water be more productive
this month.
The top water fishing has been great lately early and late in the
day, while fronts are passing thru, or on cloudy overcast days. Baits
like a Berkley Frenzy popper or the new Berkley Chigger Toad fished
over and around the edges of shallow grass beds in 2-8 feet of water. I
like to fish these baits with 30-50 lb Spiderwire Stealth braided line
and good stout rod like the Abu Garcia Vendetta or the new Veritas rod
matched with a Abu Garcia Revo reel with a 7:1 gear ratio to winch
those fish in out of the grass or away from stumps. If top water bite
ceases, pick up your wacky worm rod and fish a Berkley 5” Shaky
Worm or a Texas rigged “New” Berkley Thump Worm. When I am
fishing plastics and other slow moving baits, I opt for fluorocarbon line
like the Trilene 100% Professional Grade in 15-20 lb test. I like to rig
both of these worms on as light of a weight as possible. Let the wind
determine how heavy of a weight you choose ranging for a 1/16 – 3/8
oz size. Best colors have been blue fleck, watermelon red, June bug,
and green pumpkin party. A great way to catch a real big bass right
now is fishing swim baits over the grass in these same areas. The
Berkley Hollow Belly is an excellent choice and has a superb swimming
action that these big fish cannot resist. Many prefer a big bait for a big
fish like the 5-6” size but I can tell you that I have a caught a number
of trophies on the smaller 4” size this time of year as well. The baits
come packaged with a wide gap weighted hook which works great over
the grass or a stinger treble for fishing it in more open areas. Best
colors in the swim bait are pearl, Tennessee shad, gizzard shad, and
Ayu. Just remember during this time of year that the most productive
areas are going to have bait fish present. These bass are all about food
right now and if you find the bait, the bass are close by. Early in the
month you can look for the majority of the fish at the mouth of the
creeks and coves. As the water temperatures cool, the bass will follow
the shad as they migrate to the backs of these same creeks and coves.
Although a lot of the shallow fishing is very productive this time
of year, be sure to take a look at those deep water spots as well.
Humps, points, road beds, pond dams, and ridges in 18-25 feet of water
are great places to focus your efforts on. These big fish will be
schooling up in these areas following shad, yellow bass, and crappie
around looking for an easy meal. The Carolina rig is a very good
weapon on these deep bass. I like to rig mine with a 1oz weight, 4-5
foot leader, and a 3/0 wide gap hook. The Berkley Wacky Crawler,
Power Hawg, 5” Shaky Worm, or a good ole 7” Power Worm on this rig.
Best colors are green pumpkin, watermelon red, camo, blue fleck, or
plum. The jig bite out deep is very good for the big ones too. A 1/2-3/4
oz football head is a great thing to have tied on too. Any shade of
greens and browns or black & blue is good here now with a Berkley
twin tail grub or Chigger Craw on the back. If you are fishing the big
tournament, you will definitely need to be throwing a Berkley Gripper
Football Jig for that ever elusive over the slot fish! Don’t forget to try
throwing a deep running swim bait on these schools of deep fish also.
Berkley’s “New” 5”-6” Mullets are some great baits for swimming thru
these deep bass. Especially if you find them suspended. Just count the
bait down to the fish and start slow rolling it back to the boat. Keep a
firm grip on your rod because when they hit, they hit it hard! Berkley
has increased their line of baits considerably this year and cover a
broad range of fishing. I will be excited to see them in action during
this tournament and all the big fish that will be caught using them!
Come out and join us for what should be the most exciting tournament
of the year!
The 5th Annual Berkley Big Bass Tournament on October 23rd &
24th will be held at Lake Fork Marina again this year with lots of big
cash hourly prizes and brand new boats given away. Registration will
be from 2-7pm on Friday the 22nd. If you are coming out to fish this
tournament, please be careful out on the water. The lake level is low
and stumps pose a threat to everyone. Wear your PFD’s and kill
switches! I will be at the Berkley trailer all weekend for this event. If
you have not been a part of the Berkley trailer experience yet, come by
and see me. I would be happy to show you all the new and exciting
products that Berkley has to offer! If you get a chance while you are
here, also stop by Diamond Sports Marine on highway 154 and check
out the new 2011 Ranger Boats in stock. Talk to Ben Hogan or Robert
Gilliland and they will be glad to help you find the right boat for your
needs or just give them a call at (903)383-7829. If you would like to
pre-fish for a tourney or are interested in booking a fishing trip for the
fall, please feel free to contact me by email at or just give me a call (903)736-9888.
You can also go to my website anytime to get more information about
Lake Fork Trophy Bass fishing and the other great activities the lake
area has to offer!
Ephesians 2:8-9
8For it is by free grace that you are saved through faith. And this is not
of yourselves, but it is the gift of God; 9Not because of works, lest any
man should boast.
Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer