Honey Hole All Outdoors (2)

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Videos
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Here is part two of the show we filmed on Lake Fork.


  1. Scott Hancock says:

    James i have only been to Fork two times and both times i was there it was tough…cold front and clear sky…..I would love to come when it’s at it’s best. My cousin just got back from there Fri. the 25th and he said it was “on” no giants but lots of 4-7 lb bass and limits of crappie too. Enjoyed watching you in action and would love to come down asap!

    • Richard says:

      Just returned from my first trip, March 21 – 25. Fishing was a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 for quantitiy and a 8-9 for quality. Biggest fish for a group of 3 was a 7# Hen. Wind, wind, wind, every day. Bite was really soft and slow. We cought half the fish while pausing and BSN with each other and letting the bait just sit there. Had to go SLOOWWWW. Very suprised to find that both guides we used spent a majority of the day fishing themselves instead of focusing on their clients and edjucating the newbies on technique. We basically figured the pattern ourselves. Guides also took the front hitting the “Virgin” water first and catching the most fish every day. I have to say we all felt that was wrong for the guide to spend so much time fishing and taking the prime spot. They did set up, net, rebait, remove fish and take photos etc, but spent a lot of time fishing the front of the boat. I know someone will say that is where the trolling motor controll is but a guide should have a remote control and no problem using it if he doesn’t have a fishing pole in his hand 3/4 of the day. Both also continued to fish while tied up to stumps, taking fish away from the clients again. Lake was great, people were very nice. IF I ever go back I will be asking the guides are you gonna fish all day or show us how and work with us? After all isn’t showing clients how what you hire a guide for? Prominent, well known local names won’t be mentioned, buyer beware. The lake is a gem, the people are great but the guides need to focus more on edjucating clients who pay $425.00 a day on how to catch fish in a new lake under tough conditions instead of catching them themselves.

    • Sounds like your cousin had a great trip. Come on down when you get ready. I will put you on the fish!

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