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Just got back from Toledo Bend and making my first top 10 in the FLW Everstart Series. I was blessed and finished 7th overall. I am glad to be back home though and am excited about the great fishing that we have been having. If you were able to see the Honey Hole All Outdoors TV Shows (Part 1 and Part 2) that I filmed before I left then you know how hot the fishing has been. If you didn’t catch it on FOX, you can see it on the Honey Hole You Tube channel at

The bass fishing this past week or so has been excellent. If you are looking for the trophy catch of a lifetime, now is the time to get over to Lake Fork. The bass are spawning heavily and the big fish are very accessible. You can catch fish on a variety of different baits and patterns and will only get better as we move into April.

The lake is currently about three and a half feet low. With the lack of vegetation in most areas the water clarity has remained stained to off colored in most areas with clearer water on the south end of the lake. Water temperatures have been in the mid to high 60’s in most areas with temps reaching 70+ on the very warm days.

Most of the bass are spawning right now so the best areas have been points and pockets in the major creeks. The bass are spawning in 2-6 feet of water but there are still a number of fish staging on main lake and secondary points in 6-12 feet of water getting ready to move up. My clients and I are catching a number of fish on several different things right now. The biggest producer lately has bee the “New” Berkley Havoc line of soft plastics. You can get them right now at Lake Fork Marina. These baits come in a number of different styles, have some great action, and the colors are hot! I have been catching most of our fish on the Bobby Lane Craw Fatty and the Skeet Reese Pit Boss. Texas rigging these baits with a 1/4 – 3/8 oz tungsten weight and a 4/0 wide gap hook is best. My favorite colors so far have been Okeechobee Craw, California, Big Texan, Green Pumpkin/Red, and Watermelon Candy. Flip the shallow stumps with these and hold on. These big girls haven’t seen these baits yet and are eating them! Berkley 6” Power Lizards and 4” Power Hawgs have also been god in these same areas. Best colors have been black, black & blue, green pumpkin, and watermelon red. The main thing right now is to really slow down when fishing for these fish that are spawning. I was actually on a text and catch pattern yesterday. I would let my bait sit while I answered a text and get a bite… ha ha! That should tell you how slow you must fish for these bites. For feeding bass, shallow crank baits, chatter baits, and jerk baits have been excellent worked around shallow cover.

There are already a few post spawn fish starting to move out deeper and it will not be long before you see some great fishing for hungry bass in 15-25 ft. These fish will be congregated around bait on these deep structure areas and will be feeding heavily. Having good electronics like my Lowrance HDS units is a big advantage. If you find these fish grouped up, DD22’s, Carolina rigs, and big jigs are the ticket to loading the boat.

I hope this helps you in your pursuit of a trophy Lake Fork largemouth bass! If you are interested in booking a trip with me to fish on Lake Fork, you can contact me anytime by phone at (903)736-9888 or just send me an email at You can also visit my website for more information about Lake Fork I also have a new site up and going with more fishing info at and of course you can reach me (James Caldemeyer) on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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Here is part two of the show we filmed on Lake Fork.


Here is part one of the show we filmed on Lake Fork.

February is a big month at Lake Fork for big bass! The fish are moving heavily into their pre-spawn patterns and preparing themselves for their annual migration to the spawning grounds. If you are eager to catch a trophy bass before the spring crowds roll in, now is the time to get out on the water.

            The lake has been steady at or near 3 ½ feet low the past couple of months. I’m sure we will get an annual dose of spring precipitation that will bring the lake up some, but until we do you’ll want to be cautious running the lake as there are numerous stumps appearing in areas that we have not seen them in awhile. The water clarity is fairly off colored in most areas on the north end with clearer areas found on the southern end of the lake. Water temperatures are in the mid 40’s as I write this report but you can expect to see them in the low to mid 50’s most of the month unless we see some major cold fronts hit us again.

            Best areas to target these pre-spawn bass are main lake and secondary points at the mouth of the major creeks or creek channel edges, bends, drains, and ditches adjacent to spawning flats. These big fish will be primarily in a “staging” mode this month. The bass will target these areas to feed heavily and wait for the water temperatures to reach 58-60 degrees before moving up on beds. Water temperature is probably the single most important factor this time of year. The bass will be most active in the warmest water available which is generally located on a north bank that is protected from frontal winds. Grass is also a key component to locating the fish right now. You can usually look for the coots and they will point you to the best available grass where bass will be congregating for food and warmth as the spring progresses.

            There are just a few basic patterns and baits that I implement to catch pre-spawn lunkers. My number one favorite is a lipless crank bait over shallow grass beds 2-8 feet of water. There are such a wide variety of these baits it can be overwhelming but I like to stick with reds, oranges, crawfish patterns, chrome/blue, or white shad colors in 1/2 or 3/4 oz sizes. I like to use a very sensitive rod like the new Abu Garcia Veritas rod with a 7:1 ratio Revo reel spooled up with 17-20 lb Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon line with my lipless baits. I make long casts over the grass and rip the bait as it tips the top of the grass on the retrieve. Most strikes are reaction strikes and will come as the bait pops loose from the grass. My other favorite for a big fish in February is a jig. I will use a 1/2 oz Talon jig in black/blue, bama bug, or Texas craw color with a matching Berkley Chigger Craw trailer to flip the timber lining the mouth of the creeks. A lot of these big females will be eating crawfish and there is no better imitation to fool big mama than the jig. This presentation is often best during a cold front situation or when you have located a group of fish in a certain area with moving baits. Often times slowing down and dissecting an area will reap big rewards as these fish are often in groups. Another great bait, especially after a cold front or calm sunny days, is the old suspending jerk bait. I will pick this up when I absolutely cannot get bit on anything else. I will fish it over the same shallow water areas as I do the lipless baits with long pauses between jerks. These big bass will come up and eat it when they will not go after much else. Best colors for me are clown and black/gold.

            There are some schools of deep fish to be found in 25-35 feet during the month of February. It is very important to have a great graph like a Lowrance HDS unit to locate these deeper bass. Areas at the mouth of major creeks and spawning areas like points, roadbeds, and ridges are prime locations. Drop shot rigs and jigging spoons are your best bet once you find them.

I hope this helps all you anglers that are headed to Lake Fork this month in pursuit of a trophy bass! If you would like to book a guided trip on Lake Fork, feel free to contact me at (903)736-9888 or email me at . My schedule for 2011 is filling fast so get your reservations in now for best available dates. I am already in my new 2011 Ranger Z521 Comanche paired with a Mercury Optimax 250 Pro XS . This new ride is an amazing machine! If you have not checked one of these boats out yet you can go by and see one at Diamond Sports Marine on Hwy 154 while you are in the area. Test rides are available upon request. Just give Ben Hogan a call at (903)383-7829 and he’ll be glad to help you find the Ranger boat that is right for you! Again, a big thanks to all my sponsors: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, I Am Second, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Oakley, Talon Lures, Interstate Batteries, Line & Lure Conditioner, BTS Protectant, Navionics, Sure Life, Power Pole, Hamby’s, and Lowrance.

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           The weather has been frigid these past few days as Texas experienced a cold blast of snow, sleet, and ice in most areas of the state. I was able to escape the brunt of the storm as I headed south to begin pre-fishing for the FLW Ever-Start tournament at Choke Canyon. The weather here is not much warmer but definitely a bit more comfortable than at home. Right before I left we were catching some real nice bass on a variety of winter time baits and patterns on both Lake Fork and Monticello (power plant lake). Here are some tips that may help you if you are headed out to the lake to tackle a big winter time bass.

          Lake Fork is still about 3 and a half foot low. Water temps dipping into the high 40’s some and low-mid 50’s during the warmer days. Water clarity is good in most areas. Right now the best pattern to follow is fishing shallow grass beds in 2-8 feet of water. Main lake points and secondary points at the mouth of the major creeks has been best. Lipless crank baits are the top dog on Fork this time of year through the first part of March. Red, orange, or a combination of as well as shad colors are good choices. I like to use a ½ oz most of the time but will often break out the ¾ oz around the deeper grass and cold fronts. Jerk baits are an awesome choice for a big pre-spawn bass also. Suspending models are best in gold and clown colors. Chatter baits in chartreuse/white are catching some and will become better when the temperatures rise. If your New Years resolution was to catch a new personal best bass this year, I would highly recommend fishing a jig a lot right now. I like to use a Talon flipping jig in 3/8 or 1/2 oz sizes. Best colors are Black/Blue, Bama Bug, or Texas Craw. Hang a matching trailer on the back like a Berkley Chigger Chunk and you are ready to flip up a pig. Target stumps, lay downs, and docks in creeks adjacent to spawning areas. I have not fished deep lately but I am sure you can catch them on spoons and drop shots around bridges and roadbeds right now.

          Lake Monticello bass are full swing into the spawn. I have had a number of trips that we have fished Monticello in the morning and Fork in the afternoon that have been VERY productive. Best baits on Monticello have been weightless soft plastics like flukes and senko type baits in green pumpkin or watermelon colors, Texas rigged Berkley Chigger Craws, shallow running crank baits, and chatter baits. Fish any of these around timber lined spawning flats in 2-8 feet of water and you will do well. You can also fish the bridges or discharge area and do well with Carolina rigs, drop shots, and deep diving crank baits.

          I would like to encourage anyone who is considering a new boat this year to come by the Diamond Sports Marine/Ranger Boats booth at the Dallas Boat Show. I will be there the weekend of February 4-6 and the show continues through the following week. The new 2011 Rangers are in so come by and check them out. If you are interested in booking a guided trip on Lake Fork this year, feel free to contact me anytime at (903)736-9888 or by email You can also visit my website for more information about Lake Fork A special thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support in 2011: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Diamond Sports Marine, I Am Second, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Lowrance, Navionics, Talon Lures, Power Pole, BTS Protectant, Line & Lure Conditioner, and Interstate Batteries.

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